• £3.95

    Samosa chaat veg

    Samosa hand crushed, mixed with sweet and tangy chuntey, topped with yoghurt.

  • £2.50

    Crispy Onion Bhaji vegan gf

    Delicately spiced. Crisp & crunchy fried onion fritters.

  • £2.99

    Punjabi Samosa (2pcs) vegan

    Deep fried Filo pastry filled with spiced potatoes, onions, peas.

  • £1.50

    Bombay vada Pav (1pc) veg

    Indian version of the burger, considered staple street food. Eaten anytime of the day or night. Warm spiced potato ball (batata bomb) squashed into a buttered bun, it’s like an Indian slider

  • £3.95

    Ragda Patice vegan

    Chick peas served on crushed potato patice (like hash brown), topped with sweet and tangy chutney, coriander chutney.

  • £4.50

    Pav Bhajji veg

    Lightly spiced hand mashed mix vegetables cooked in a traditional Bomaby style in butter, served with a warm buttered bun on the side.

  • £4.50

    Chole Bhatura veg

    Medium spice chickpeas and bhatura, a puffed bread made from all purpose flour served with pickle and onion. Contains milk in Bhatura. Contains milk in Bhatura

  • £3.95

    Bhel Poori vegan gf

    Puff rice, Bombay mix, mixed together with tamarind chutney, coriander chutney and onions. Contains Sesame Seeds.

  • £3.95

    Dahi Poori (6) veg

    Crispy semolina pockets stuffed with potatoes, chickpeas. Dressed with mint chutney and a cooling yoghurt. Sweet, sour and tangy tamarind chutney topped with sev  (savoury gram flour).

  • £3.95

    Pani Poori (6) vegan

    Crispy semolina pockets stuffed with warm potato and marrow peas mash. With our homemade tangy flavoured water. Take in one shot to  build your appetite.

  • £4.50

    Misal Pav veg

    Another Bombay delicacy of sprout beans cooked with spice blend and topped with Bombay mix, chopped onion and served with buttered burger bun. Contains Sesame Seeds.

  • £3.50

    Grilled Bombay Masala Sandwich veg

    Two grilled bread slices smeared with a generous amount of green chutney and butter in a delicately spicy potato mixture topped with onion and tomato slices and grated cheese

  • £1.50

    Dabeli veg

    It is a spicy snack made by mixing boiled potatoes with a special dabeli masala, peanuts, pomegranate, nicely mix warm and served in a buttered burger bun.

  • £2.50

    Masala Chips vegan

    Chips tossed with special chili sauce & Chat Masala