The Finest Indian Street Food

Bombay & Co - Est: 2018


2 Mumbaikar’s (slang for people from Mumbai)

Pankaj Solanki & Kamalakar Bongiri,

who studied Hotel Management together. And pursued their careers in various hospitality firm in Indian and the UK.

Was keen to open an Indian Street Food outlet in Cheltenham. They wanted to showcase Mumbai Street food. On purse of that they decided to open Bombay & Co Indian street food restaurant in 2019. Menu created by them brought the nostalgic moment for them and lot of other people who crave for the same. But at same time open a new world for lots of people, especially for Gloucestershire people who mostly never tried Indian street food.


All the base ingredients are been sourced directly from India through local Indian vendor.

Bombay Vada Pav or Bombay Bhaji or night out dish Keema Pav they all will have same taste and flavour as one would like have eaten on Mumbai street side.

But our Award winning goat curry is a must try dish.

All our food are made to order.

Now Bombay & Co has itself became a destination for local people and people visiting Cotswolds.



What Our Diners Say