• £11.95

    Lasni Kolambi (Garlic Prawns) (Moist) gf df

    Prawns in sizzling garlic, onions & peppers.

  • £9.95

    Chicken Fry (Moist) gf df

    Chicken pieces cooked with light soy sauce spring onion.

  • £9.95

    SALI MARGHI (Chicken) gf df

    A simple Parsi homemade chicken curry, still the best serve with straw potatoes crisp as a garnish.

  • £9.95

    Chicken Taka Tak (Moist curry) gf df

    Chicken pieces roughly chopped on griddle with onion, peppers mix with unique blend of spice served on griddle.

  • £10.95

    Railway Goat Curry gf df

    Simple dish served at railway stations. Good enough to miss your train for!