• £5.99/£9.50

    Tandoori Chicken Pieces gf

    • half (2pcs) - £5.99
    • Full (4pcs) - £9.50
  • £4.50

    Paneer Achari Tikka (4pcs) gf

    Cottage cheese cubes marinated with pickle spices

  • £5.99

    Chicken Lollipop (6pcs)

    Chicken lollipop is, essentially chicken winglet, given a lollipop shape, marinated with egg, flour, soya sauce, szchewan sauce.

  • £6.99

    Tawa Pomfret (Medium) df gf

    Indian Ocean, Bombay local fish marinated in tandoori spice and cooked in tandoor

  • £4.95

    Koliwada Prawns (5pcs) df

    Bombay’s famous Koli (fisherman) Wada (district) recipe. Crispy fried prawns served with green chutney.

  • £4.95

    Chaap Lababdar ( 3 pcs) gf

    Lamb chops marinated and chargrilled and seasoned with zesty spices Cooked to perfection. served with yoghurt mint chutney.

  • £4.95

    Lamb Sheekh Kebab (4pcs) df gf

    Delicately spiced hand pound lamb mince, cooked to perfection in tandoor served with yoghurt mint chutney.

  • £4.25

    Amritsari Fish Fry (3pcs) df gf

    Tender pieces of Bassa fish deep in chickpeas batter mixed with spice and deep fried.

  • £4.25

    Spicy Lamb Patty (2 pcs) df

    Lamb mince mix with blend of spice, mash potato and coated with bread crumb.

  • £4.95

    Kheema Pav df

    Irani cafe delicacy. Hand pounded lamb mince cooked with mild spices, served with a warm buttered bun

  • £4.25

    Murgh Malaitikka (5 pcs) gf

    A delicate chicken prepared in white marinade with yoghurt and cheese, finished with butter and Kebab masala.

  • £4.25

    Chicken Tikka (5pcs) gf

    Chargrilled succulent boneless chicken breast marinated with yoghurt and tandoori spice. Served with mint sauce.

  • £7.25

    Vegetarian Platter for 2

    Platter consists of Onion bhaji, Mini Samosa, Aloo tikki, Paneer Achari Tikka served with a yoghurt mint chutney.

  • £9.95

    Non Vegetarian Platter for 2

    Platter consists of Lamb Sheekh, Amritsari fish fry, Chicken lollipop, Chicken Tikka served with yoghurt mint chutney.